Hi i'm Leila!!
Pisces|Pansexual|I'm okay with all pronouns,but he/him are preferred.

I'm just a punk-rock weenie and this is my blog

Stop otherkin hate


For some people it’s religious

For some it’s spiritual

For some it’s a coping mechanism

For some it’s related to mental illness

For some it’s the only thing that makes them happy

And for others it’s just another part of who they are

Why would you try and take that away from someone?


you know them moments when you look in the mirror and you think holy shit that’s me  because for some reason it feels like the person you’re looking at in the mirror is an unfamiliar stranger and you begin thinking about how you’re a person on a planet in a solar system in a galaxy in a universe and for a few minutes you ponder the origin and the meaning of existence and then shrug and return to your computer